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Are you looking for ways to enhance your happiness, health or wellbeing? Do you want to improve your ability to manage stress and to thrive in life?

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At Birmingham CBT, we work with adults, children, schools and employers. We’re here to answer any questions and thoughts you might have about accessing therapy. So please, get in touch.

Our services

There are two main areas we focus our services.

CBT Therapy.
CBT Therapy.
CBT is a talking therapy designed to help people manage their problems by changing the way they think and behave.
Support for children.
Support for children.
Helping children to feel happier and to deal with the pressures of school, sexuality, relationships and family life.

Therapy to fit your needs

Skype therapy.

We also offer Skype therapy as a flexible way to access the right support, wherever you are and at a time that fits your needs. So if you’re unable to travel, you live and work overseas, or you simply have a busy life, our Skype sessions create an affective alternative.

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